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Hunting Photos

Coalmont is located in Game Management Unit 8-5.  There is a huge variety of game and game birds available in the Coalmont area.  Deer are plentiful, mosty Mule Deer, but there are some Whitetail as well.  There are Moose in the high country, and Black Bear are numerous.  Although seldom seen, Cougar, Lynx, and Bobcat are found here as well, and Snowshoe Hare abound.  Elk are also in the area, although primarily on the East side of the Similkameen River.  In the marshlands of the Otter Valler, waterfowl are commonplace.  Three species of Grouse are found close by, with the Ruffed (Willow) Grouse being the closest to town, while the Spruce (Franklin's) Grouse and the huge Blue (Dusky) Grouse are found at higher elevations.

Deer Hunting


The first deer taken by a guest at the Mozey-On-Inn.


Proud Father with his son's first big buck.


Dad gets a nice one.


Great Day in the Woods.

A Young Buck gets his first Buck.

A Nice Pair of Bucks on the Windmill at the Mozey-On-Inn.

Another Successful Hunt - Two Huge Bucks

Grouse Hunting


Huge Ruffed Grouse taken with an Airgun by Bob Sterne.


Limited out with a nice variety. (L to R) Female Ruffed, Male Ruffed, Male Blue, Female Blue, Female Ruffed Red Phase


Massive Breast of a Male Blue Grouse.  These are found only above 4000 ft. in this area.


My Chocolate Lab Molly with her first big Blue Grouse (and her proud Dad).


(L to R) Male Ruffed Grouse (grey phase), Male Spruce Grouse, and Female Spruce Grouse.


My brother's Brittany Spaniel Tucker brings a grouse to hand.  Hunting with Dogs is the greatest of pleasures.

Snowshoe Hare Hunting

A nice pair of Snowshoe Hares, with a curious Molly.